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There are many reasons why Goa is separate than any other tourist destinations in Goa. Mostly, it’s friendly and open to all culture is the reason behind its huge popularity. Goa accepts all sorts of cultures. Unlike other tourist destinations in Goa, you can easily walk on the beach wearing a bikini, even if you don’t have a bikini body. No one will bother or irritate you here for being you. That makes it the most preferred destinations of India among foreigners and hippies. In this blog which is actually presented to you by Goa’s most popular Taxi hire in Goa named Tudo Taxi, we will talk about one of the famous nude beaches of Goa. Orzan beach is a very famous nude beach in Goa. Indian law and order don’t permit nudity in public places. Plus, it goes against conservative Indian culture. But, hey it’s Goa! Therefore, you don’t need to worry much. There are a few beaches where you can completely go nude, peacefully. Orzan beach is one of them.

But unlike other international beaches, it does not mandate every visitor to go nude. People can visit this beach with their favorite dresses as well. Most of the foreigners prefer to go nude here though. They take off clothes and have a sunbath comfortably here. Very few Indian prefer to visit this beach. To avoid all sorts of discomforts beach authority doesn’t allow any kind of photography or videography here. This beach is surrounded by greeneries and hills and a bit away from crowded places of Goa. Therefore, it is a completely secluded beach. There are plenty of shacks available near Orzan beach. The most important part is that there will be no one to lecherous gaze to disturb beachgoers.

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